United, City, Chelsea Interested In Kane

Ronaldo7May 18, 2021

Tottenham have urged ‘everyone’ to focus on finishing the 2020-21 season as best they can amid reports Harry Kane has told the club they want him to leave the club.

Kane is a product of the Spurs academy and has grown to be one of the world’s best strikers, but over the past two years the club seem to be struggling to live up to its ambitions.

The England captain has always been linked with a move from Tottenham for years, although the report rarely carries much meaning-until now.

Sky Sports News claimed yesterday that Kane had told the club he wanted to migrate later this season, with the trophy on his agenda.

Spurs have not won a title since the 2007-08 EFL Cup, with Kane part of the team that lost in the 2018-19 Champions League (UCL) final and the EFL Cup this season.

He reiterated his need to challenge for a major trophy after the EFL Cup defeat to Manchester City last month when he was named Premier League Player of the Year at the London Football Awards.

He said: “Individual awards are great, they are great accomplishments. Maybe when I look back at the end of my career, I’ll go ahead and take a little longer.

“The goal now as a player is to win the team trophy. I want to win the biggest prize offered as a team, and we don’t really do that.

“I’d rather win a team trophy than this one. This is the real deal. I’m proud to win it. It means a good season on the field, so I just have to try to keep what I’m capable of doing.”

Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are all considered interested in Kane given their respective desires to strengthen the attacking machinery.

Spurs responded to the rumors with a statement that would most likely allay the concerns of supporters who feared Kane’s move.

“Our focus is to end the season as best we can. That’s what everyone should focus on.”

Kane once again had an outstanding season, 35 goals (22 goals, 13 assists) in EPL action becoming the third most in all five major European leagues – only Robert Lewandowski (47 – 40 goals, seven assists) and Lionel Messi (39 – – 30 goals, nine assists) recorded better for 2020-21.