Senegal Faces Criticism Because Of Mane

Ronaldo7January 27, 2022

LONDON: Senegal are facing criticism after Sadio Mane was allowed to continue playing against Cape Verde in action in Cameroon, despite facing a head injury.

An anxious situation occurred in the match when the Liverpool striker collided with Cape Verde goalkeeper Vozinha in the last 16 of the African Nations Cup.

After receiving treatment, Mane returned to action while Vozinha, who was shown a red card, was carried off the field to be sent to hospital.

The decision clearly angered supporters who thought Senegal was not following the set protocol in which Mane should have continued to be released following the incident.

Twitter user Joe Dixon tweeted ‘disbelief when Mane was allowed to act after the breach.’

“Even though he scored a goal and was later removed, he appeared to have pain in the head. It was shocking when he was not removed immediately.”

Another said it was’ disgusting when he was allowed to remain on the field after suffering a concussion. ”

Mane looked in pain after the incident but after being allowed to return to action, he blasted home Senegal’s opening goal in the 63rd minute.

Twitter user Yuri said ‘Mane should have been released after the incident but this is African football. Everyone expects a player to be as hard as a rock. Poor player management. ”

But to the relief of supporters, Mane shared his photo with Vozinha at the hospital.

“Senegal against Cape Verde on the pitch and in hospital. Everything is fine, thank you for the message given.”