Ronaldo Apologizes For United’s Defeat

Ronaldo7October 26, 2021

MANCHESTER: Cristiano Ronaldo apologized to Manchester United supporters via social media after the team embarrassed Liverpool with a 5-0 defeat at Old Trafford, yesterday.

Except for his goal which was canceled, Ronaldo seemed to be a ‘passenger’ in the action when they lost at home and saw a huge gap between the two teams.

Mohamed Salah scored a hat -trick after helping to create Naby Keita’s goal in the fifth minute and Diogo Jota also made a name for himself as the scorer.

Unfortunately, United ended the match with 10 players after Paul Pogba was sent off for a foul on Keita. After the defeat, Ronaldo left the message on social media sites.

“Sometimes we don’t get the results we’re fighting for. Sometimes the result of the match isn’t something we want. But this is all up to us because no one is to blame.”

The Portuguese striker also added: “Once again our supporters are great at providing continued support. They deserve (something) better than this.

“Now it all depends on our hands to repay it. The time is now!”

They need to bounce back from this defeat, but face a tough schedule when they will face teams such as Tottenham Hotspur, Atalanta, Manchester City and Chelsea before the end of November.