Neville Criticizes Ronaldo, Fernandes

Ronaldo7October 19, 2021

LONDON: Gary Neville has urged Manchester United’s attacking duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes to stop “waving” to team -mates.

The former Manchester United defender said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad seemed to have no understanding and no style or identity of its own.

Man United lost 4-2 at the hands of Leicester City last Saturday and have yet to win in their last three Premier League games.

Solskjaer is now under increasing pressure in preparation for Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford this Sunday.

United legend Neville feels the presence of two big names from Portugal – Ronaldo and Fernandes – has had a negative impact on the team.

“I saw Ronaldo and Fernandes up front … nothing. I saw them waving at teammates, something I didn’t like, and it had to be stopped.

“A pattern started to emerge in the second half where the front and back of the team had no continuity.

“Man Utd are finally in a position where they have two teams – five up front, great players, ego – and five behind.

“They have no continuity, not as a compact and easily handled unit by Leicester,” Neville said.

Neville also slammed the attitude of the players who started behaving like babies when they were booed, while questioning Solskjaer’s tactics.

“The Man Utd team is also weak in the way they react to goals. If they get bogged down, they start to behave like babies and do their own thing.

“If they score a goal, they start to rage their chests and egoism starts to show. This team attacks without style or identity.

“All they have to try is to find a pattern of their own and try to improve it. Last Saturday they didn’t do it. They didn’t listen to the coach or he didn’t give instructions.

“This situation needs to be rectified as soon as possible, otherwise they will continue to suffer defeat,” he said.