Lukaku Apologizes To The Fans

Ronaldo7January 5, 2022

LONDON: Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku today apologized “after saying he was” unhappy “with the club under Thomas Tuchel.

The Belgian striker’s interview with Sky Sport Italia last month was published on Thursday.

Tuchel then dropped the injured 28-year-old as well as COVID-19 this season for the meeting with Liverpool.

“To the fans, I apologize for what I did,” Lukaku told Chelsea’s website.

“It’s clearly my responsibility to restore your confidence, and I will do my best every day to show commitment on the training ground and matches to make sure we win matches.

“And also to the managers, teammates and council members, I apologize, also because I think it’s not the right time.

“And I want to forget about it and make sure we start winning matches and make sure I start playing in the best way for the team,” he said.

Lukaku told the Italian broadcaster he wanted to return to Inter Milan.

“Honestly I think I should have been clearer in my message,” Lukaku said.

“The interview was about saying goodbye to Inter supporters, it was not intended to disrespect (Chelsea) supporters, football clubs, owners, teammates, technical staff.”