Euro: Kroos Silenced Fans Criticism

Ronaldo7June 26, 2021

Berlin: Toni Kroos dismissed criticisms of some supporters who said the German team at Euro 2020 had yet to reach the best level of performance despite advance to the knockout round to meet England.

The 2-2 draw with Hungary, last Wednesday allowed Germany Mara as Group F runner-up with world champion, France and Portugal.

Kroos said it was an achievement for Mara from a group filled with a strong team and hereafter scheduled to meet England at Wembley on Wednesday.

“We are happy to get from this group, which not everyone thinks we can do,” Kroos said.

Kroos is also perplexed by criticism depicting German troops as if struggling with Hungary, four days after the team celebrated the success of defeating Portugal 4-2.

Hence, he describes the reaction of the audience such as the ‘swiveled flag of the wind’.

“After winning over Portugal, you might think that we are European champions. Now this is as if we are not worthy to step further.”

Germany rose from two goals against Hungary and was on the verge of removal before Leon Goretzka equalized, six minutes before the end of the match.

“We do not put a very conflicting performance,” Kroos said. “We do not have to fool ourselves. It’s very close.”

However, he insists that Germany is eligible to meet England in hunting to the quarter-finals and warn anyone who doubts the team’s ability.

“We are in the best 16 – whether you like it or not.”

Kroos was clearly excited to meet England with Germany having a good meeting record when the team won all four clashes in the previous major tournament in the knockout round.

“We know stadiums, opponents and history. There are many reasons to look forward to this game,” Kroos said.