Arteta Could Breathe A Relief

Ronaldo7December 21, 2021

After suffering a lot of ridicule and scolding from Arsenal fans, finally Mikel Arteta can breathe a sigh of relief over the performance of his students in the English Premier League at this time.

Ranked fourth in the current league chart has begun to change perceptions of Arteta’s credibility as a manager and what’s interesting is that the Gunners ’players are beginning to understand Arteta’s applied football philosophy.

Just look at the pattern of play displayed by his protégés when they faced Leeds United at Elland Road, where they managed to give rivals in dominating the game.

Not only that, they are also clever in stealing every opportunity they have.

It translates into the number of goals scored when beating Leeds (4-1) and those goals happen due to the initial pressure exerted, starting on the attacking side and when winning the ball alone the Arsenal players will make a quick transition to trap the opponent to do network.

It can be seen through every goal the Gunners make when winning the teeutama ball in the middle they will continue to attack fast by using the advantage they have on their attacking players such as Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and Alexendre Lacazette.

In addition, they also move as a team and are always in their zone either when attacking or defending.
This will make it easier for them to practice the football philosophy applied by Arteta with a fast game (high intensity) with short passes and fast transitions.

This is the result when the management of The Gunners is so patient and believes in Arteta’s ability.

With that patience as well, Arsenal have started to show resurgence at the moment and what the players need right now is just moral support from their fans for them to continue to stay at their best.

It is important because with that moral support it will lift the spirits of the players to continue hunting for a slot into the European Champions League (UCL) next season which is still open.